A Day without Electricity
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Last Thursday, May, 7, 2015, the electricity was turned off at SQU, and a question rose up in my mind: Could we live without electricity? Well, the answer was probably, yes. I mean old generations were able to survive without electricity, and their lives, compared to ours, were so much fun. They used to wake up early and work until the sunset. They worked, and put the essences of their souls in what they were doing. There were no televisions for entertainment, only family gathering at night by the Fanr light, telling stories that were more interesting than televisions. Work and family gathering both empowered the unity of the family.

            Going back to my topic, on that day I realized how much we were clinging to our smart phones. Everyone on campus, including me, was worried that their phones’ batteries would drain. I did not know what to do, and reading was the only option left for me, at least until the sun went down. I had been sitting in my comfortable chair beside the window, staring blankly at everything in my room: my smart phone, my laptop, my alarm clock, and my books. It was Thursday, the day that I had been planning to have fun after a long tiresome week. I was thinking about my situation. If it had been the other way around, I would have been enjoying my time with my friends if there was electricity.

            After that pausing and thinking, I continued reading my novel which I had not completed yet. I finished reading that day. I stared at my purple alarm clock. Tic, Tic Tic. The sound irritated me, and time was really moving slowly. How could time be slow? You may ask. Well, when there is electricity, our smart phones steal us from our social lives, even from ourselves to the extent that we do not pay attention to time. What really irks me is phones were invited to help people communicate with each other, but what I see nowadays is utterly the opposite!

            The electricity was turned on very late at night. I was glad as everyone else was. When I think of it now, it is not impossible for us to live without electricity. I do not mean we should imitate old generations and use the Fanr, but rather to spend less time using smart phones and watching television.  It is we who have to act, and put limits towards our use of smart phones before they consume our souls and our senses of life.