I Write Because
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I write because I need to get few things out of my head. Some are horrible, some are great, and some are in between. I write because my family, my teachers, and my friends encourage me to write. At least, there is something in this world which I can be good at.

Sometimes, I write to rebel against my society, my own family, and even against myself. It happens to me that I don’t feel strong enough to share some of my feelings with anyone. I don’t often share my feelings with anyone because some people don’t listen carefully to what I say, and some people ignore me. It is difficult to find someone who is willing to listen carefully to you, and who won’t ignore you.

I asked some of my sisters why they ignore me when I talk to them. Their answer was that I talk a LOT. Well, they were right. I talk a lot because I believe that every single detail of any event is needed to be in the conversation. It is just a matter of honesty. I think I’m not honest if I intentionally skip any detail, even if it is a tiny one.

I write now to feel happiness in the act of moving my pen against papers. I write now to pluck the sorrow out of my poor soul, and to replant it in papers. I write now to share my life with those who are facing difficulties, and tell them that no matter how difficult life is, happiness is always there, sitting and waiting for us to notice her. I write in hope that my words can penetrate miserable dying hearts, pulling them up from the abyss of seas of despair, making them see the light again.

I write because I want to use some new words in my writing. I feel satisfied when I use new words in my pieces of writing because using new words in my writing proves my ability to produce great pieces.

To me, writing is a sanctuary. It is a place where I feel safe and secure. It is also a sanctuary for all those who suppress their feelings and emotions. Feelings, impressions, events and moments which I find really important, whether they are horrible or awesome, should be saved and stored in my writing journal.